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Web Services Infrastructure: The global utility for real-time business February 2002, 20 pages, free download (PDF, 75k)

SaaS industry insights

Software as Services blog at ZDnet — Updated daily
Commentary and analysis from the industry's must-read blog on software-as-a-service (SaaS)
Eight reasons SaaS will surge in 2008 — January 2nd, 2008
Seeking the true meaning of SaaS — December 4th, 2006

Archive commentary and features from
P2P Meets ASP — January 24th, 2001
Peer computing will turn the ASP's role inside out
... We Are All Inside the Machine — October 19th, 2000
The Internet will overwhelm enterprise computing
When the Internet Becomes the Computer ... — October 5th, 2000
ASPs are just part of a much bigger trend
To Lease or to Rent, that is the Question — November 1999
Entrants to the ASP market who dismiss the concept of rental have seriously missed the point
An Application Service Primer — August 31st, 1999
Three types of ASP, and why businesses may already be using ASPs without even realising
History Is About to Repeat Itself — November 1998
"For the past year, a revolution has been brewing in the computing world ..."

E-business insights

First published in MicroScope, the weekly newspaper of the UK computer trade:
Trial and error — May 26th, 1998
One day, all of computing will be boiled down to just a handful of simple, reusable components
Disintermediated — August 9th, 1996
What the management guru would tell you if only you could understand what he meant
The subversive intranet — September 20th, 1996
Letting intranets into the corporate citadel will end for ever the hegemony of the IS department
Worldwide weblogs — April 30th, 2002
The real-time publishing power of the weblog format will finally unlock the full potential of the Web for all its users

Web services insights
Weblogs, news and resources for assembling on-demand web services to automate business
Glimpses of a Shared Web — April 22nd, 2002
Grid computing, Web services and P2P are moving the dream of a shared, global, real-time Web closer to reality
It's Just Like 1995 Again — August 22nd, 2001
When it comes to mainstream business use, all the same kinds of doubts that hung over Java in 1995 hang over Web services today
Microsoft's road to web services — Various, 1999-2002
Links to articles about Microsoft's involvement with web services, including the evolution of HailStorm, the genesis of .Net, and early experiments with subscription licensing
Strategic analysis of web services, Internet computing and e-business trends



Web services claptrap
"... Web services do not exist to patch up the shortcomings of present-day applications. They will make them obsolete ..."


How ISVs Can Survive the Switch to Web Services
"... For years, ISVs have designed, built and delivered applications in a vertically integrated, proprietary model ..."


A blazing venture
"... Our venture will become the undisputed 100-pound gorilla at distributing free cash ..."

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